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House Competitions and the 2021/22 Winning House is...

Posted on: 07/07/2022

As we moved into the final half-term of the academic year, the competition for the Blenheim House Cup reached boiling point with students battling it out on three fronts to be crowned Blenheim House Cup Winners 2021-2022.

This final half-term is traditionally the busiest, and this academic year was no exception.

Throughout what has been a thoroughly enjoyable and competitive competition the students have conducted themselves brilliantly, especially at the annual Sports Day which concluded the Year’s competition alongside two other events; the ‘Big Fat Quiz of the Academic Year’ and House Tag Rugby.

Once again, it was fantastic to see so many students from every Year group participating and supporting one another to succeed, all in the name of (mostly!) friendly competition.

House Tag Rugby

The House Tag Rugby Competition began the half-term’s proceedings, with Year 7 competing first to a high standard. All four Houses were well represented with a mixture of boys and girls eager to earn points for their respective House. The general standard of play was very high, and it soon became apparent that Year 7 #TeamBlenheim students have forged some strong friendships. With tries aplenty, fantastic teamwork and some wild celebrations throughout it made for a thoroughly enjoyable tournament that was subsequently replicated by the respective tournaments further up the school.

Following a brief outline of the rules, including the fair attaching of tags, all Houses competed in a roundrobin tournament. The full results are detailed below.

House Tag Rugby Winners:

Year 7 - Octavius

Year 8 - Octavius

Year 9 - Tulyar

Year 10 - Nashwan

Big Fat Quiz of the Year

Throughout the half-term, students were also competing in the Big Fat Quiz of the Academic Year during Form Time, answering a series of questions based on global events that have taken place since the beginning of this academic Year. With hundreds of entrants from staff and students alike, it was a fiercely contested quiz. However, Octavius were the keenest quizzers across the whole school as they came out on top!

Big Fat Quiz of the Year Results:

1st - Octavius

2nd - Tulyar

3rd - Sinndar

4th - Nashwan

Sports Day 2022 

The final event of the academic year was Sports Day which was expertly hosted by the fantastic PE Department at the Harrier Centre. Perhaps unsurprisingly, ever-dominant Tulyar reigned supreme on Sports Day for the third year running to secure not only the Sports Day trophy, but also the Blenheim House Cup for the 2021-22 academic Year following a fantastic day of sport.

Sports Day Results:

1st - Tulyar

2nd - Octavius

3rd - Sinndar

4th - Nashwan

Final House Results 2021-22:

1st Place – Tulyar – 190 Points

2nd Place – Octavius & Sinndar – 173 Points

3rd Place – Nashwan – 140 Points

A message from Mr Shortt

Thank you…

Since I took on the role of House Coordinator back in 2018 I have seen the level of competition increase year on year. This past House Cup has been a joy to lead after the challenges of a stunted House Competition in both 2020-21 and 2019-20. The willingness for so many students and staff to get involved since September has made my job an absolute joy. Football, Netball, Music, Rugby, Drama, Quizzes,

Poetry, Rounders, Benchball, Designing a Superhero… Whatever it has been this academic year, our students have thrown themselves into it full throttle and I am immensely proud of what they have achieved, creating what I hope to be lifelong friendships, memories and anecdotes for years to come.

It goes without saying that the House Competition does not run without the commitment of all of our fantastic staff and Heads of House, but most importantly our students, so thank you for all of your hard work this year.I can’t wait to see you all in September to do it all again!

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