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Half term House Update

Posted on: 14/10/2022

The first half-term of the academic year has proven to be one of the busiest we have ever had, with hundreds of students participating in our three main House Events; House Football, House Poetry & House Socrative Quiz.

Our House Football Competition began the half-term’s proceedings, with Year 7 up first in early September. All four Houses (Nashwan, Octavius, Sinndar & Tulyar) were well represented with a mixture of boys and girls eager to earn points for their respective House. Following a brief re-cap of the rules and dividing of the two pitches the tournament began and was played in high-spirits throughout, ultimately resulting in Octavius winning the Year 7 edition, followed by Sinndar winning both Year 8 & 9 competitions, and concluding with Tulyar winning the Year 10 & 11 tournament.

Another highlight of the half-term was the sheer volume of students that entered the House Poetry Competition making it an incredibly difficult competition to judge, with Blenheim students ranging from ages 11-18 entering their poems for consideration. English KS3 coordinator Miss Ferguson is also entering the various entries into the national competition hosted by the Young Writers foundation, so this might not be the last you hear of these budding young poets!

House Football Winners

Yr. 7 - Octavius
Yr. 8 - Tulyar
Yr. 9 - Sinndar
Yr. 10/11 - Tulyar

House Poetry Winners

KS3 – Lola – Nashwan (2nd Guilherme, 3rd Millie)
KS4 – Honey – Octavius (2nd Nina, 3rd Annabelle)
KS5 – Joely – Tulyar (2nd Gracie, 3rd Liliana)

Aside from these two events, this half-term also consisted of the annual House Socrative Quiz, featuring a series of questions from a range of topics including sports, history, geography, general knowledge, literature, current events and more.

As always, this event was particularly popular with well other 1000 entrants recorded as accruing points for their respective House.

House Socrative Quiz Winners

Year 7 – Sinndar
Year 8 – Nashwan
Year 9 – Sinndar & Tulyar 
Year 10 – Sinndar
Year 11 – Tulyar
Sixth Form – Octavius 
Staff – Nashwan

Coming Up

Next half-term sees the Blenheim House Competition shift up a gear in pursuit of the Blenheim House Cup for 2022-2023 with the following events:

House Netball, Tech Design Challenge, Science Week & Socrative Quiz

In what is still a four-horse race, just one question remains... who will take home the trophy!?

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