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Year 7 and 8 Girls Football Results

Posted on: 08/11/2022



The year 7 and 8 Girls ' Football team had a football match against Surbiton High on Monday. Blenheim started positively and played a few good through balls to the attack, however were thwarted by Surbiton who were strong in defence. Blenheim were soon put under pressure from Surbiton’s counter attack.

Diana and Evie remained strong and solid in defence, however Surbiton broke through to score after the ball had rebounded off the cross bar.

Blenheim played some loose balls which Surbiton capitalised on and soon the score was 3-0. Blenheim kept their heads up and with some inspiring play from Leah along the right wing, Blenheim soon were back on the attack. Caitlin found space on the edge of the box but was fouled. The referee blew the whistle and signalled for a penalty. Evie rose to the challenge and scored. This gave Blenheim confidence to continue building from the midfield to attack. However, Surbiton had a formidable defence and passed out wide and around Blenheim to score again.

The second half saw a barrage of rain and wind, but Blenheim kept their heads up high and the second half saw some improved passing and communication as direct interventions from the half time team talk.

A change of goalkeeper brought more agility and coverage of the goal and Olivia made some excellent saves. Tilly used her strength and speed to outrun her marker and saw Surbiton’s goal keeper off the line to score from outside of the box. This brought the score to 5-2. Unfortunately, Blenheim went down to 8 players following an injury which left a hole in the midfield. Excellent coverage by Diana, Leah and Abi helped to slow the attack, however Surbiton’s passing and dominance in the air saw Surbiton score again.

Blenheim pushed on in the final five minutes with an almost identical goal being scored by Tilly bringing the final score to 7-3 to Surbiton.

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