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Year 7 House Netball Tournament

Posted on: 24/11/2022

Year 7

On a chilly and windy Tuesday evening in November, Year 7 braved the elements to compete in the annual House Netball competition in huge numbers. 

Despite the varying levels of experience between the four respective houses, students in all the teams were enthusiastic and keen to get involved from the very start, with some very impressive warm up drills taking place including Nashwan’s ‘jogging on the spot’ technique, expertly lead by Miss Ferguson!

In the first round of matches, Octavius cemented themselves as early favourites as Violet’s scoring ability in Goal Attack resulted in a 3-0 win v Nashwan. On the other court, Sinndar were able to assert their own goalscoring form by defeating Tulyar 4-1, with Leah and Tilly netting 2 a piece in that fixture whilst Annabel scored Tulyar’s first of the tournament.

In the second round of matches Octavius and Tulyar, the highscorers from the first round of games, played out a highly competitive 1-1 draw with Annabel and Teya finding the net. Meanwhile Nashwan scored a single goal to beat Sinndar 1-0 courtesy of Teya.

In the third and final round of matches, a thrilling shootout between Nashwan and Tulyar concluded in a 4-2 victory for Nashwan with Teya netting all of the points for her House, whilst Annabel added another 2 to her personal tally. On the other court, Octavius finally found their form and secured a comprehensive 7-0 victory v Sinndar, with Freya scoring a point as well as 6 from Violet to secure her position as the top scorer of the tournament.

After an afternoon of highly competitive and enjoyable action, the final Table can be found below.

Screenshot 2022 11 28 at 12.02.00

Screenshot 2022 11 28 at 12.01.51

Screenshot 2022 11 28 at 12.01.42


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