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House Masterchef Competition

Posted on: 17/01/2023

Blenheim hosted its annual House MasterChef competition, comprising of budding chefs and bakers ranging from Year 7 – Year 10 this week.

Each team; Nashwan, Octavius, Sinndar and Tulyar, comprised of a range of students whom worked together to plan, create and serve their choice of two dishes – one main dish and one starter or dessert.

The atmosphere in the Food Tech department was bustling and, promptly after the conclusion of period 6, students flocked down to begin their mise-en-place within their teams once all of the ingredients had been handed out. Some teams opted to focus on one dish at a time, finalising the majority of the main dish as a team before moving onto their dessert whereas some Houses opted to determine two separate teams of chefs – one for main and one for dessert! Despite the obvious competitive element, students worked collaboratively across teams to offer advice and share ingredients, as well as working exceptionally well within their teams despite the pressing time pressures.

Overall it was a brilliant event and a real delight to see a huge range of students working together to achieve a collective goal with fantastic team spirit.

Whilst Mr Shortt and Miss Hall thoroughly enjoyed tasting all of the dishes, ultimately one House had to be crowned the overall winner. Marks were given taking into consideration the following factors:

·Sensory Qualities
·Accuracy to the brief/recipe
·Cleanliness and Hygiene of the work area ·Presentation of your dish
·Cooking skills and Creativity of dish

After an intense tasting session undertaken by the judges, including everything from bruschetta, to pizza, to prosciutto-wrapped chicken, to gammon-steak-melts, to chiffon cakes, to cupcakes, to tropical mess, at long last a winner was determined!

The final scores are noted below.

1st Place Sinndar 37 points

2nd Place Nashwan 36 points

3rd Place Tulyar 32 points

4th place Octavius 30 points

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Screenshot 2023 01 23 at 08.22.51

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