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National Numeracy Week

Posted on: 24/05/2023

The aim of National Numeracy Day was to celebrate numbers and how these are used in everyday life. The day was designed to encourage students to feel curious about numbers, explore how beneficial numbers are in day to day life and provide further confidence to develop and improve students' numeracy skills. Mathematics can be found in all aspects of daily life. They are used at school, work, in practical activities at home and in the wider society. Examples of where numeracy plays a part in day to day lives for example paying for a bus ticket, working out tax, planning a holiday, obtaining a Mortgage. 

Because numeracy is so intrinsically linked with everyone's daily lives there is strong evidence to suggest that strong numerical skills contributes to better outcomes, such as earning a higher income, employment, and lower debt. Even the status of Physical and Mental health is also linked to the numeracy proficiency.

Please see below statistics regarding numeracy:

  • Nearly half of people at work have the numeracy skills of a young child
  • Research has proven that having good numeracy skills can help people to stay out of financial problems
  • Poor numeracy skills not only affects individuals but also the wider economy

The good news is that numeracy is a skill that anyone can learn. National Numeracy Week is here to help!

Students took part in a song competition; singing their own mathematical song together with demonstrating great mathematical language. Students worked in groups and performed their songs at the end of their lesson. 

Mason ,Logan, Alex, Tilly and Ronni, Rosie, Elysia and Archie all completed amazing work in the numeracy activities and were presented with awards.

Students chose to celebrate the day by completing the 'saving and budgeting' activity in pairs and compared their savings against expenses!

Some Students chose a 'tastier' way to celebrate by baking a cake! The cake was delicious and involved good ratios and proportion skills and of course an excellent recipe consisting of many numbers!

Thank you to everyone who took part in National Numeracy Week.

Silver School Mental Health Award