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House Update

Posted on: 25/05/2023

This half-term was a really busy one building upon the success of the first two terms of the academic year.Throughout April and May, hundreds of students have contributed considerably to our three main House Events; House Rounders, House Music & House Photography. Once again, it was fantastic to see so many students from every single Year group participating in the various events and supporting one another to succeed, all in the name of friendly competition.

Our House Rounders Competition began the half-term’s proceedings, with the freshly-painted Rounders pitches spread across the field, the decision was made to host the Year 7 & 8 event simultaneously, and it was such a success that the KS4 event, comprising of Year 9 & 10 followed suit. Owing to the overall quality of play and the beautiful weather on the days of the tournaments, both of the Rounders events were brilliant occasions with a record number of students in attendance.

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House Photography

This half-term also saw the hosting of the inaugural House Photography Challenge – within countless students capturing, editing and refining their chosen image for entry into the competition. We saw a wide range of images including cars, buildings, animals, nature, selfies and just about everything in between!

Despite having difficulty in ascertaining the winners, the judges were eventually able to decide on the below three entries as the best across the school. Remarkably, the top 3 entrants all happen to be in Year 7, so the future of photography seems to be in good hands at Blenheim!

1st Place – Amy - Octavius 

2nd Place – Michaela - Tulyar

3rd Place – Jacob - Nashwan

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House Music

Throughout the half-term, students were also busy rehearsing and polishing their performances in preparation for the House Music Competition, as outlined in last week’s bulletin. Once again it was wonderful to see students from across the school participating and representing their House.

Each House entered at least one solo performance, with Tulyar and Nashwan delivering an additional performance apiece.

Up first, the Tulyar duet of Emily and Florence kick started the proceedings with a wonderful rendition of ‘A Thousand Years’ that really set the tone for a brilliant afternoon of music.

Danny, representing Sinndar, then took to the stage and stormed through a powerful performance of Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises’ on the electric guitar.

Year 7 Amber, representing Octavius then treated the audience to a note-perfect rendition of Queen’s‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on the keyboard with impeccable timing to keep up with all the changes throughout the song!

Soloist Zeph, also of Year 7, performed a brilliant rendition of ‘Sonata in F Minor’, featuring some incredibly difficult following of the scales up and down the keys with admirable speed and accuracy on behalf of Nashwan.

Fellow Year 9 soloist Ash then performed a rendition of The Eagles classic ‘Hotel California’ for Nashwan, a stripped-down take on the rock classic utilising an acoustic guitar.

To conclude proceedings, Anya of Year 10 delivered an incredible rendition of ‘On My Own’ from Les Misérables,showcasing fantastic control and range to stun the audience in what was a truly exceptional and mature solo vocal performance. All in all, a fantastic evening of entertainment of which all the participants can be proud,however, there can only be one winner.

1st - Tulyar – 33 Points

2nd - Nashwan – 25 Points

3rd - Sinndar - 15 Points

3rd - Octavius – 15 Points

Next half-term sees the Competition for the 2022-2023 Blenheim House Cup press on with the following events:

1.House Tag Rugby

2.Sports Day

3.The Big Fat Quiz of the (Academic) Year

Although it looks like Tulyar are comfortable favourites, there is time yet for a shock end of year twist.

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