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Sports Day 2023

Posted on: 06/07/2023

Sports day, the biggest event of the year for the PE department, took place on the 6th July in beautiful sunshine after a nerve-wracking wet week. 

Students arrived at the Harrier Centre in their PE kits ready for a day of athleticism and sportsmanship and entered the track with great enthusiasm.

The first event was the 1500m, requiring stamina and determination to finish. The support from the year 7 cohort in particular kept the athletes running for their 3 ¾ laps of the track. There was also an excellent display of sportsmanship from Charlie S in year 7, who stopped to help a fellow student who had taken a fall whilst running and encouraged him to keep going.

Record Breakers

As the day continued, the medals were stacking up and so were the records being broken. The PE department would like to congratulate the following students:

Screenshot 2023 07 20 at 15.24.40

Once the highly competitive 4x100m relays and tug of war contests were complete, it was time for the results for each year group and for the winner of sports day overall.

Screenshot 2023 07 20 at 15.22.36










Congratulations to the efforts of each of those Houses. The overall winners of sports day 2023 were Tulyar who defended their win from last year. Congratulations Tulyar!

Screenshot 2023 07 20 at 15.22.42













Screenshot 2023 07 20 at 15.23.12

Screenshot 2023 07 20 at 15.23.01

Screenshot 2023 07 20 at 15.23.12

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