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House Event Update Autumn Term 1

Posted on: 13/10/2023

Year 7 House Events

The house events kicked off right at the start of the term, with the Year 7 students participating in against other forms in several different activities that include three-legged race, a maths challenge, building of marshmallows towers and bungee jumping run. Points scored throughout the day all contributed towards the overall total score that was totalled at the end of the induction day for the Year Seven Students. The Year 7 Students competed against each other with integrity and respect throughout. After the last activity, Year 7 Students were brought into the Sports Hall to announce the results. In first place was Sinndar who received 20 points in second was Octavius who received 15 points, in third was Nashwan who received 10 points and in forth was Tulyar who received 5 points. 

House Football

Year 7

The next event of the half term once again included Year 7 Students and was the start of House Football events. The first match kicked off with Nashwan vs Octavius. The game started with both teams feeling out each other, a very cagey affair. However just as the game seemed like it was destined for a 0-0 draw Nashwan scored two quick goals to secure a 2-0 win. In the other first round of fixtures Sinndar secured an entertaining 2-1 win over Tulyar. After one round Sinndar and Nashwan had 3 points each whilst Octavius and Tulyar were yet to win a point. Onto the second round of fixtures that included Nashwan versus Sinndar and Octavius versus Tulyar. Both games were end to end and a tight contest with little between the games. Octavius though were able to score twice to take 3 points for the win, whilst Nashwan was able to secure a last-minute goal to break the hearts of Sinndar who battled well and perhaps deserved a point. After the end of the second fixtures Nashwan were on 6 points, Sinndar and Octavius were level on 3 whilst Tulyar were still yet to secure a point. Onto the final group games, firstplace was still up for grabs with three teams still  being able to finish first. The final group games though showcased the best games yet. Nashwan was able to continue to their fine form with a 4-0win over Tulyar, whist Sinndar and Octavius entertained with a combative 0-0 draw with both teams unable to now secure first place. All teams then came in to listen to the results, in third place was Tulyar, in joint second place was Sinndar and Octavius and first place was Nashwan. 

Year 8

The Next event was the Year 8 House Football Event that kicked off the following day. Year 8 students were excited for the event and all were in good spirts. The first that kicked off was Nashwan against Sinndar. This game was a very cagey affair to start with, with players from both sides not wanting to make mistakes to allow the other team an opportunity. Eventually though a break through was found with Sinndar capitalising from a poor pass within the defensive half of Nashwan to secure a quick goal and finish the game 1-0 winners. The second game kicked off as the first finished with Nashwan staying on and Octavius playing against them. Nashwan knew that they had to win or at least draw to stay in the competition and have a chance of winning. This made for a defensively minded Nashwan team, looking to hit Octavius on the counter attack. Octavius, though comfortable on the ball,struggled to break down a resolute Nashwan and so had to settle with a point from the game, the score finishing 0-0. It was now the turn of Sinndar against Octavius. Sinndar knew that as long as they didn’t lose they would be crowned the winner of the Year 8 House Football Tournament. Sinndar though got off to the worst possible start conceding early in the game, as it stood Octavius and Sinndar would be sharing first place on goals scored and points. Sinndar though regrouped and came out fighting. Some good quality play alongside some goal saving tackles eventually paid off and Sinndar were able to get the equalising goal that their play had deserved. The equalising goal came with only moments to spare on the clock and so the game restarted to only be halted as the final whistle went. The winners with 4 points on the day were Sinndar with Octavius taking second place and Nashwan taking third place. 

Year 9 and 10

The final set of matches were for Year 9 and 10 Students. These year groups unlike the others were played on the main pitch. There was a great turnout from all the houses with very close games throughout the tournament. A special mention goes to Mr Lewis and Mr Tully who helped assist with the games and scoring throughout the session. After the matches were concluded, Octavius were declared the winners of the tournament with Tulyar and Nashwan sharing second place with Sinndar coming third. 

House Quiz

Our final house event of this half term was the House quiz. This was run throughout form time W/C02/10/2023. The quiz content was about general knowledge, events that had happened throughout the Summer Holidays well as sporting events that were up and coming. The quizzes were well attended from Year 7 students all the way through to our 6 Form Students. Each year group was split into in half to a A and B Population. The Winners were as follows… 

Year 7 A POP Nashwan
Year 7 B POP Octavius 

Year 8 A POP Octavius
Year 8 B POP Tulyar

Year 9 A POP Sinndar 
Year 9 B POP Tulyar

Year 10 A POP Tulyar 
Year 10 B POP Tulyar 

Year 11 A POP Sinndar 
Year 11 B POP Tulyar 

House Standings

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