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Year 12 Bowling

Posted on: 06/03/2024

The year 12 students have been enjoying their PE lessons at Hollywood Bowl. Their friendly

competition soon took a real competitive edge with teams analysing their individual

performances as well as team scores. Dan bowled the first strike of the afternoon using the

perfect mix of speed, spin and aim, setting the bar for others to follow. Quinn and Mark scored a

'double' which is two strikes in a row, proving that their skill was not a fluke! Congratulations goes

to Sam B who scored a 'Turkey' this great feat is the technical term for scoring three strikes in a

row! Well done to Cameron, Ed, Johnny and Sam R who added to the strikes total. Moving on

from the excitement of the strikes, we met the modest cousin - the spare. This is when you knock

all of the pins down on your second ball. Well done to all who scored spares to increase their

total to make it a close game. Some gutter balls were seen but this just added to the overall

intensity of the match.

First place awarded 'King Pin' was Mark with an excellent score of 133.

Second place was Dan with a great score of 126.

Third place was Quinn with a super score of 110.

First place team was Quinn, Mark, Ed, Cameron and Alex with a total score of 494.

Second place team was Sam B, Sam R, Johnny, Bobby and Dan with a score of 448.

Other match statistics

Mark - Fastest bowl - 12.87mph.

Sam R - most gutter balls.

Silver School Mental Health Award