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This half term's House Events Update

Posted on: 28/03/2024

House Quiz

It has been another busy half term for all the House events. We started off with the House Quiz,

that this term was all about books to celebrate World book dy. The quiz was contested well

throughout all of the year groups. Below are the winners from both the A and B half of Year 7

through to Year 11. 

  • Year 7 A Pop Octavius
  • Year 7 B Pop Octavius
  • Year 8 A Pop Tulyar
  • Year 8 B Pop Nashwan
  • Year 9 A Pop Sinndar
  • Year 9 B Pop Tulyar
  • Year 10 A Pop Tulyar
  • Year 10 B Pop Octavius
  • Year 11 A Pop Tulyar
  • Year 11 B Pop Tulyar

When totalling all of the points together throughout the year groups the scores were as follows

  • 1st Tulyar 44 Points
  • 2nd Nashwan 38 Points
  • 3rd Octavius 37 Points
  • 4th Sinndar 35 Points

As you can see it was a well contested competition, though Tulyar were the clear winners by 6

points. Well done to all students that competed in the House quiz.

House Master-Chef

House Master-Chef was our next event that took place on the 27th of March. Students were tasked with creating either a Starter and Main or Starter and Dessert that they had to present to Miss Hall our Food Technology teacher. Each group turned up with a dish and hurried away to prepare and cook their dish for the Judge. Each House was graded on four key aspects, presentation, taste, texture and the quality of the dish overall.

Nashwan House made Meatball pasta dish served with Garlic bread and Macaroons. Tulyar House made a Thai Green Curry with a Victora Sponge, Octavius made Tomato Pasta with Halloumi and a Rainbow Cake whilst, Sinndar made Penne and Chargrilled vegetables and a red velvet brownie for dessert.

The students were given 1 hour and 15 minutes to prepare, cook and present the meal to Miss Hall who would try the dish and then grade them based on the judging criteria mentioned before. Each of the students worked well throughout with students being given roles and responsibilities such as preparing, cooking and washing up, each role being as important as one another for the House to be successful.

After the allocated time was up, students had to pack up, wash up and put away before the results were read out, please see below for results. A huge congratulations to the following students who participated in the House MasterChef, Alexa, Eva, Evie, Jess, Daniella, Zeph, Miko, Natan, Maddy, Kai, Aiden, Jemima, Lucy, Sarah and Max.

Current standings


Next terms events will include House Music, House Rounders and House Photography competition!

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