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Launching our Co-curricular Programme

Posted on: 24/09/2021

I am delighted to launch our co-curricular programme with an extensive programme of activities available for each year group. The full programme can be found below. These activities broadly cover all the opportunities (Physical Education and Non-Physical Education) available to Blenheim students outside of the taught curriculum. The schedule commences from Monday, 27th September 2021. 

Some activities are open to all students and some are invite only. The legitimacy of each activity’s contribution to The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is also highlighted. This will be of interest to students in years 9, 10 and 11. 

Education should be rounded, holistic and go beyond the classroom. I am hopeful that parents will encourage students to engage, consistently, with at least one co-curricular activity each week. Details regarding the consumption of food at break times, when students attend activities, can be found on each year group’s schedule. 

Thank you to all the colleagues running activities. I welcome students and parents to email me directly at with feedback on the operation of the schedule.

See full co-curricular programme

Written by Mr A. A. Bodell
Silver School Mental Health Award