School Clubs

School clubs and societies and the provision of facilities for enrichment activities are regarded as of great importance. Our extensive co-curricular programme adds a further dimension to the recreational and social aspect of life at Blenheim and also provide excellent opportunities for students to develop their skills, talents and interests.

The full programme can be found below. These activities broadly cover all the opportunities (Physical Education and Non-Physical Education) available to Blenheim students outside of the taught curriculum.

Some activities are open to all students and some are invite only. The legitimacy of each activity’s contribution to The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is also highlighted. This will be of interest to students in years 9, 10 and 11. 

Education should be rounded, holistic and go beyond the classroom. It is hoped that parents will encourage students to engage, consistently, with at least one co-curricular activity each week. 

For sports players there is a comprehensive fixtures calendar which enables students to represent Blenheim against local schools and in District and National competitions. These matches and competitions provide extensive chances for students to achieve in sport and also enhance their School experience as a whole.  The Annual Gym and Dance show is also very well supported by students and should not be missed!

Sports Clubs are included in the co-curricular programme below and the Weekly Sports Bulletin, which includes full details of weekly match fixtures, can also be found below.

Students do not need to sign up to clubs and may join at any time throughout the year; they simply go to the listed room at the listed time with the exception of Dance.

Dance classes are run by our Blenheim Ambition Dance Academy and full details can be found below.

Whole School Co-curricular Programme

Year 7 Co-curricular Programme

Year 8 Co-curricular Programme

Year 9 Co-curricular Programme

Year 10 Co-curricular Programme

Year 11 Co-curricular Programme

Sixth Form Co-curricular Programme

Blenheim Ambition Dance Academy

Silver School Mental Health Award