School Clubs

School clubs and societies and the provision of facilities for enrichment activities are regarded as of great importance. Our clubs add a further dimension to the recreational and social aspect of life at Blenheim and also provide excellent opportunities for students to develop their skills, talents and interests.

There is an extensive range of extra-curricular clubs at Blenheim, including sports training, drop-in / support / catch-up sessions and other activities, both before and after school. Some clubs are specifically aimed at certain years, whilst others are available for all. Among the many activities are:

African Drumming, Art, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Blenheim Orchestra, Blenheim Radio & Podcast, Cheerleading, Chess, Dance, Drama, Football, Future Chef, Girls Hockey, Girls Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Homework Club, ICT, Keyboard, Kidzone, Lower School Choir, Modern Foreign Languages, Netball, Number Ninjas Maths, Resistant Materials, Rock Band, Rounders, Rugby, Science, Tennis, Textiles, Trampolining, Ukelele, Upper School Choir, Vaulting, Young Writers/Creative Writing, Youth Speaks.

For sports players there is a comprehensive fixtures calendar which enables students to represent Blenheim against local schools and in District and National competitions. These matches and competitions provide extensive chances for students to achieve in sport and also enhance their School experience as a whole.  The Annual Gym and Dance show is also very well supported by students and should not be missed!

Non sports clubs timetable

Our non sports clubs are very popular at Blenheim.  An up to date club list can be viewed below.  All students will be made very welcome.

View our non sports clubs timetable

Sports Clubs

PE Clubs are very popular at Blenheim.  Clubs change according to the season and an updated Club List can be viewed below.  Students will be made very welcome and should speak to any member of the PE Department for further details.

View our PE clubs timetable

The PE department also take part in many after school fixtures at home and away.  Transport is provided to these fixtures when they are away at other participating schools.  All staff hold a 'Minibus Driving Evaluation Certificate' and carry emergency contact details for all students. 

Follow @BlenheimPE on Twitter for all the latest information regarding clubs, fixtures and results.

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