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Year 9 Boys Football - Blenheim vs. St Andrew's Catholic School

Posted on: 25/01/2022

Blenheim High School 

St Andrew’s Catholic School 

Training in the absence of a league fixture last week gave Blenheim the opportunity to work on two key areas. Firstly, defensive positioning coupled with effective transition and secondly improved movement in the opposition’s penalty area coupled with effective shooting. Playing a 3-4-3 means the boys are required to be brave on the ball, as well as maintain trust in the defender that plays alongside them. 

As the sun set on the Astroturf, Blenheim began to implement these development areas against St Andrew’s. The key to the game lay in Blenheim’s confidence in the press on the St Andrew’s defence, something that would be a challenge throughout the game. The tone was immediately set, with a front three of Alfie, Kyren and Harry who gave the St Andrew’s defence no breathing space. A ball directed into the channel by Finn, knocked on by Harry then fell to the feet of Kyren who drove the ball into the top corner with too much power for the keeper to save. The intensity had worked; Blenheim were 1-0 up within 5 minutes. 

What followed was a mature display by the boys, who have previously struggled to maintain possession after gaining a lead. Blenheim’s wingbacks pressed high to enable Tom and Mikey the opportunity to thread balls in behind the overloaded St Andrew’s defence. Josh and Seth were unfortunate in not being able to convert some chances. However, heads never dropped and Blenheim led 1-0 at half time. 

The second half saw St Andrew’s, ‘fly out of the blocks’ but Blenheim remained resolute. Toby, Blenheim’s new goalkeeper, gave an inspiring display including some acrobatics in his own six yard box. Sadly, midway through the half the ball ricocheted off a defender once too many times, and dribbled into the bottom corner. It was now 1-1 with much of the second half to go. The boys felt unlucky and rightly so. 

Determined to have their moment, the pendulum swung back in Blenheim’s direction. Some excellent play in the final ten minutes, including some skillful overlapping play from Alfie and Aidan in wide areas, saw Blenheim go close. However, the elusive winning goal evaded Blenheim and the score ended 1 – 1.

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