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Sixth Form Girls Football Blenheim vs. Millfield

Posted on: 25/02/2022


On Wednesday the 23rd of February, Blenheim Sixth Form Girls' team played in the quarter-finals of the National Cup at Millfield school. 

Team Blenheim were clinical and professional in their approach, and put Millfield under pressure immediately. Within the first five minutes Blenheim had scored their first goal of the match. Millfield's well drilled patterns and set plays were no match for the adaptability and continuous pressure of team Blenheim. With Lara saving four Millfield's shots,possession kept returning to Blenheim, who unlike Millfield, converted opportunities into goals. The score at half time was Blenheim 4 - 0 Millfield. 

The second half saw Blenheim continue to have large amounts of possession. Millfield did adapt their style of play to frustrate Blenheim and to keep the score at 4 - 0. This was an impressive performance from the Blenheim Girls' team who are gunning to win the National Cup for an unprecedented third occasion. 


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