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The Big Dance Off Academy Competition

Posted on: 10/05/2022

On Monday 9th May Blenheim's two Dance competition teams, Blenheim Dance Academy and Blenheim Dance Company, went to their first major competition. Blenheim Dance Academy comprises of key stage 3 students in years 8 and 9, whilst Blenheim Dance Company has key stage 4 and 5 students from years 10, 12 and 13. After months of rehearsing and a rescheduled date, all students were excited and ready to perform.

Students travelled by coach to The Beck Theatre, Hayes and for some this was their first time performing on a large stage in a theatre setting. Both on stage rehearsals ran smoothly and were a great opportunity for the dancers to learn how to adapt to this larger performance space.

After making final touches to hair and make-up and putting on their costumes, it was then time to perform. All 40 students performed beautifully in the contemporary style and were almost faultless. They rose to the occasion and danced their hearts out. I could not have asked any more of them and they came off the stage so happy. I was beaming with pride the whole day and still am! I’m particularly proud of the teamwork, commitment, dedication, resilience and bravery shown by our students, especially given the very daring lift work.

In an extremely tough competition, where all styles of dance are marked against each other, I’m very pleased to say Blenheim Dance Academy placed 5th out of 17 and Blenheim Dance Company placed 7th out of 19! Very respectable places considering the standard of competition and the range of hiphop/commercial pieces that were shown.

The students absolutely loved watching the other schools’ entries and were so polite to other students, teachers and the organisers. They conducted themselves professionally throughout showing respect towards all the other schools; a true credit to Blenheim.

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