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AFC Sudbury vs. Chelsea FC Blenheim

Posted on: 04/05/2022


Chelsea FC Blenheim started the brightest of the two sides and seemed to be getting a foothold in a competitive game. However, with their first attack, AFC Sudbury scored and after a clinical 35 minutes

Chelsea FC Blenheim were 3-0 down and left with a mountain to climb. Millie did put a good team move away after 37 minutes but AFC Sudbury hit the back of the net again before half time to make the score 4-1.

Chelsea FC Blenheim stirred at half time and had most of the second half chances but it was, again, a clinical AFC Sudbury who pounced on their only real chance of the second half to complete the scoring. A frustrating 5-1 loss for Chelsea FC Blenheim and work to be done before the season concludes at home next week.


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