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House Competitions - Rounders, Dance and FIFA

Posted on: 26/05/2022

As we moved into the final school term of the academic year, the competition for the Blenheim House Cup really began to take shape with students battling it out on three fronts to be crowned Blenheim House Cup Winners 2021-2022.

This half-term was a notably busy one building upon the success of our previous two terms. Since April, countless students have contributed considerably to our three main House Events; House Rounders, House Dance & House FIFA. Once again, it was fantastic to see so many students from every single Year group participating in the various events and supporting one another to succeed, all in the name of (mostly!) friendly competition.

House FIFA Competition

The House FIFA Competition began the half-term’s proceedings, with Year 7 up first on Friday 29th April.

All four Houses (Nashwan, Octavius, Sinndar & Tulyar) were well represented with a mixture of boys and girls eager to earn points for their respective House. The general quality of competition was very high, and it soon became apparent that lots of training had gone into delivering such accomplished performances on the latest edition of the FIFA franchise, FIFA 22. With goals aplenty and some wild celebrations delivered both in-game and in real life, it made for a thoroughly enjoyable tournament.

Following a brief re-cap of the rules, and mass deliberation over team selection, all Houses competed in a round-robin tournament. The full results are detailed below.

House FIFA Winners

Year 7 - Sinndar
Year 8 - Tulyar
Year 9 - Tulyar
Year 10 - Octavius

House Dance Competition

Blenheim’s inaugural House Dance Competition also took place for the first time ever at Blenheim on Wednesday 11th May and what a wonderful afternoon it was. Parents were invited to watch and they helped create a wonderful atmosphere for all of the performers involved, including various dancers ranging from Year 7 to Year 10.

Students were instructed to create a Group Dance to include a variety of Dance movements, different spatial elements, use of contact work and free choice of music.

The three group pieces from Octavius, Sinndar and Tulyar were great and showed high levels of creativity and complexity. Octavius presented a very moving contemporary duet, Sinndar created their own exciting version of Summer Lovin’ from classic musical Grease and Tulyar performed a contemporary quartet with a daring lift. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable evening of entertainment courtesy of the students.

It proved very difficult to ‘judge’ the entrants, but the final results were as follows:

1st Place – Tulyar – 122 Points
2nd Place – Sinndar – 118 Points
3rd Place – Octavius – 102 Points

House Rounders

The final major event of the half-term was the House Rounders Competition, at the time of writing both Year 7 and Year 8 have really set the tone with some commendable performances, with the subsequent

Year 9 and Year 10 events to follow. Many thanks to Miss Bennett and Mrs Whitear for running these competitions.

House Rounders Winners:

Year 7 – Tulyar
Year 8 - Tulyar
Year 9, 10 – TBC after Half-Term!

Next half-term sees the Competition for the 2021-2022 Blenheim House Cup conclude with the following three events:

1.Sports Day – Monday 4th July – Harrier Centre, Ewell.

2.Tag Rugby – Year 7 & 8 – Wednesday 15th June / Year 9 & 10 – Wednesday 22nd June - 3:30-4:30.

3.Big Fat Quiz of the (Academic) Year! - W/C 27th June (Completed during Form Time).

In what is still a four-horse race, just one question remains…who will take home the trophy!?


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