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Year 10 Future Frontiers Scheme

Posted on: 25/05/2022

Wednesday this week saw the final visit to the Future Frontiers scheme at London Bridge. Year 10 had their last session with their careers coaches, which centred around meeting industry experts that their coaches had been in contact with throughout the four-week scheme. These meetings took place both virtually and in person and gave students the opportunity to meet with a successful industry professional, that works in a sector that each student had researched across the course of the programme.

Companies ranging from Google to The Telegraph then arrived at the programme to meet with the students.

The session began with students writing thank you letters to their coaches and passing these over to show their appreciation for the work that their coaches had done across the course. All of the Future Frontiers coaches have acted as excellent role models for the Year 10 students and have provided motivation to strive for great GCSE results. Each coaching and student pairing then met with an industry expert. The range of professions and opportunities available presented an exciting level of diversity. For example, Mia met with a fashion advertiser from Vogue Magazine, Ben met with professionals for an asset management firm and a music recording company and Josh gained insight from the marketing team at Chelsea Football Club and ASOS. In some cases, it has also resulted in coaches recommending students for work experience or part time work over the summer, so that they can gain a true insight into their chosen industry. Prior to these meetings, students prepared questions that they wanted to ask the industry experts, such as the nature of their work and the requirements to gain an interview at a company etc.

These meetings lasted for over half an hour, with some students who were initially uncertain of a specific field, given the chance to meet with multiple company representatives. Coaches and students came back together to finalise and review their session which concluded the time that they had spent together over the last four weeks. Finally, the students graduated from the programme and received certificates from their coaches for all of the work they completed over the past month. Students were hugely appreciative of the coaches and the course as a whole and have signed up to a wider careers advisory scheme that they will have the opportunity to join over the coming months.

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