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Year 8 Boys Football Results

Posted on: 09/11/2022


The year 8 Boys’ Football team had their first game of the season v Three rivers Academy at home.

Despite a day of nonstop rainfall, the weather cleared just in time for kick-off.

The boys had an incredible start and demonstrated excellent confidence in attack through the links created between midfield and attacking players. Despite a physical Three rivers team, Blenheim showed great courage and determination, especially in defence where Josh and Ryan stopped the opposition in their tracks.

After 15 minutes on the clock, Blenheim had five close chances where both Oscar and Harrison pushed the ball just outside of the posts. As the pressure built, strong performances in the midfield from Ben and Ethan managed to put Harrison through who dribbled past the keeper and smashed the ball into the back of the net to put Blenheim into the lead.

Unfortunately, despite having dominated the majority of the match, Blenheim were complacent after the goal, which left a lot of space for the opposition to capitalise on. The visitors scored two goals in quick succession to take the lead. Despite Blenheim’s best efforts the game finished at 2-1 to Three Rivers.

The Year 8 team look forward to building on their strengths and working on improvements necessary for the next game.

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