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Gymnastics Competition

Posted on: 10/11/2022

The minibus was filled with an array of emotions on the way to the highly anticipated Year 7&8 gymnastics competition. The students were busy mentally rehearsing their routines, whilst predicting which other schools they would be competing against.

The girls where given the opportunity to practice their floor routine and vaulting skills before the competition; which settled their nerves, but as more schools arrived, you could see their eagerness to get started.

Blenheim had a successful start on vault. For some of the girls, this was only the second time of using the vaulting equipment, so it was incredible to watch on as their facial expressions changed from worry to delight as they executed two impressive vaults.

The girls continued to impress on the last piece of apparatus; the floor. The students had carefully choreographed a routine, enabling them to portray their skills with confidence. There were a couple of movements when the students needed to be reminded of the next skill, however, overall the girls performed with precision and professionalism.

There were six schools entering the competition, with over 50 competitors. The girls should be incredibly proud of their performances, especially Riley who finished second on floor. With their first school gymnastics competition complete, the girls were already asking when the next one will be! It is safe to say that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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