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Year 11 Poetry Live Trip

Posted on: 29/11/2022

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, Year 11 embarked on a journey through GCSE Poetry as they took to the Dominion Theatre last Friday. With anthologies and snacks in hand, Carol Ann Duffy took to the mic as she shared her friend’s experience of being a War Photographer, baring witness to the traumatic experiences of war-torn cities such as Belfast, Beirut, and Phnom Penh. Imtiaz Dhaker celebrated the fragility of human life and the power it holds against architectural backgrounds. Examiners, Peter Buckroyd and Tony Childs, shared first hand expertise when analysing unseen poetry and comparative paragraphs providing behind the scenes insight.

Simon Armitage, Grace Nichols, Daljit Nagra and Owen Sheers presented their poetry and shone a light on issues around the world.

Finally, John Agard took to the stage ‘standing on one leg’ as he recited ‘Checking out me History’ and ‘Half-Caste’ revealing that only by re-learning history can we all fully understand and embrace each other’s identities. 

Behaviour of all involved was impeccable. From the coach journey to the rich discussions during the interval, Year 11 represented the school to an explementary standard.


Silver School Mental Health Award