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Year 8 House Netball

Posted on: 30/11/2022

Despite the colder weather and the nights closing in, Year 8 House Netball concluded our house sports for 2022.

The first match, Sinndar versus Octavius, resulted in a 3-0 result to Sinndar, some excellent play was seen throughout, however Sinndar where just that more clinical when the opportunity came to them. In the other game, Tulyar versus Nashwan an even 1-1 game was played.

After one round Sinndar were ahead with two teams tied on one point and one team with zero.

The second set of fixtures saw Sinndar against Nashwan and Tulyar against Octavius. Tulyar versus Octavius was a tight contest with much of the game being played in the middle third and both defences on top against the attack.

Nevertheless, Tulyar did take the lead with a well-constructed attack. As a result of this Octavius went on the offensive, this eventually paid off with a goal being scored with only a few minutes remaining. In the other fixture Sinndar once again were successful, racing into a three-point lead and never looked back, the game finishing 3-0 against Nashwan.

In the last set of fixtures Sinndar had the opportunity to complete a hundred percent win ratio against Tulyar who had hopes of their own of confirming second place, knowing a win would put them in control. Tulyar came out offensively in the first moments with Sinndar's backs to the wall defending well. Tulyar continued the offensive whilst Sinndar countered well with opportunities of their own.

Eventually, this resulted in a point for Sinndar who caught Tulyar cold. Tulyar continued on the offensive knowing that there was only one goal behind. However, Tulyar's hearts were broken with two quick points towards the end which secured a 3-0 win to Sinndar. In the other game Octavius nor Nashwan could capitalise on Tulyar losing by playing out a 1-1 draw between themselves.

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