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Years 10 and 11 Boys Basketball Tournament

Posted on: 03/03/2023

Congratulations to the year 10 and 11 boys basketball team who won the North Surrey Schools' Basketball Tournament. With eight schools in attendance the matches were separated into two pools of four followed by the winning team from each pool playing each other in the final. Blenheim were very professional from the start and warmed up with great focus and encouragement.

Match 1: Blenheim 16 v St. Andrews 0

The quality of play was excellent from the start with Kyren winning the tip off to Mel who passed to Knester who immediately scored a three-pointer. St. Andrews were soon on the counter attack but Jonny C was steadfast on defence claiming the rebound. Matthew performed an excellent screen allowing Knester to dribble around the St. Andrews defence, bounce pass to Kyren who scored a jump shot. Matthew was fouled whilst shooting and confidently stepped up to take the free throw and scored with a swish! Mel was excellent in defence intercepting passes and immediately on the offence again.

Match 2: Blenheim 20 v Therfield 0

Blenheim used their speed in offence to put the pressure on from tip. Some great play by Peter and Krystan to both score in quick succession. Jake and Ethan were also very dynamic to get back on defence and used excellent technique to slow the counter attack. Peter used excellent agility to dribble through the defence to score a lay up. Unfortunately Jake rolled his ankle and came off to receive first aid. Miles made an immediate impact when he went on and the team scored another basket.

Match 3: Blenheim 13 v Ashcombe 2

Another excellent start from Knester who drove towards the basket, faked then scored a three pointer. Further link up play saw Mel drive through the defence to score. There was some excellent rebounding from Johnny M whose quick thinking saw Kyren open and Kyren literally flew through the air to score.

Final: Blenheim 9 v Three Rivers 8

We knew from previous matches that the final would be a very competitive match and a close one to call. Blenheim were the first to put points onto the score board with Matthew scoring a rebound. This helped to settle Blenheim but they knew they had to stay composed and get back on defence. The match was full of intensity. Knester scored a three pointer which would ultimately give Blenheim the extra point they needed to win. All players were excellent throughout and I really want to commend their sportsmanship and relationships with the other schools and players. Well done!

Team: Knester, Krystan, Matthew, Peter, Mel, Johnny, Lucas, Miles, Kyren, Jonny, Ethan, Jake

Silver School Mental Health Award