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House Basketball

Posted on: 28/03/2023

Year 7

On Tuesday 28th March it was the turn of Year 7 House Basketball. There was an air of excitement as the Sports hall was full of Year 7 students awaiting the start of the Tournament.

The first game started with Octavius against Nashwan. The game ebbed and flowed with chances for both sides. Eventually, Octavius were able to secure a 6-0 victory against Nashwan.

The second game of the tournament, Sinndar versus Tulyar kicked off shortly afterwards. This game was slightly close than the last with only one score between the two teams with both Sinndar and Tulyar playing fast, counterplay. This game eventually finished 4-2 to Sinndar.

The Third game saw Sinndar remain on Court and the opportunity to move top of the table against a Nashwan side that had lost their first game to Octavius. In this game Sinndar controlled the pace of the game and were clinical with their finishing as they picked up two scores to comfortably lead and win the game 4-0 against Nashwan.

The Fourth game saw Tulyar, still searching for their first win of the tournament against Octavius who were riding high after winning their first game 6-0. The form book though went out of the window with Tulyar securing the only basket of the game right at the start and winning the fixture 2-0.

Onwards to the penultimate game of the tournament which saw Tulyar, buoyed by their recent win over Octavius, against Nashwan who were still searching for their first win. The match started with Nashwan holding Tulyar off well and playing some good quality passes on court. Tulyar looked out of sorts but were able to regroup and slowly started to take a foothold in the game. Eventually Tulyar pressure meant that they were able to secure the opening points, sending them 2-0 up. The pressure continued and Nashwan started to give away unnecessary fouls. This came back to bite them as Tulyar were able to secure two additional baskets to send them 6-0 up and winning the game by that scoreline.

The last game saw Sinndar, who knew that winning this game would not only see them win the tournament but also win the tournament with a 100 percent success rate. In their way stood Octavius who still harboured aspirations of finishing second knowing a win could see this outcome. The game started and Sinndar were fast out of the traps and blew Octavius away setting up a 6-0 lead within the first two minutes of the game. This scoreline remained the same with little opportunity for Octavius to mount a response. Another score for Sinndar saw them win the game 8-0 and come first in the tournament.

Year 8

Despite the huge rainstorm earlier in the day House Basketball for Year 8 students started off in bright conditions.

The first match, Tulyar versus Octavius, resulted in a 5-2 result to Tulyar. The game was close with both sides working well in attack and defence. It was a very close game to watch and despite the low scoreline, many chances came and went for both teams. The other first match of the round, Sinndar versus Nashwan, Sinndar recorded a 3-0 win.

After one round Tulyar and Sinndar were locked on three points each with Sinndar only ahead as they hadn’t conceded any points.

The second set of fixtures saw Sinndar against Octavius and Tulyar against Nashwan. Sinndar versus Octavius started with Sinndar quickly out of the blocks and were dominating in both attack and defence. Sinndar were able to sail into a six-point lead within 2 minute and never looked back. Sinndar did have many opportunities to extend their lead but some poor shooting cost them the opportunity to extend their lead. Unfortunately, Octavius couldn’t get going and were not able to secure any points in this game.

In the other game between Nashwan and Tulyar, only one score separated the teams with Tulyar winning 3-0.

In the last set of fixtures saw a shootout between Tulyar and Sinndar. Both knew that victory would result in them winning the House Basketball as both Octavius and Nashwan were unable to catch either team. Sinndar started on the front foot and never looked back, with their player advantage Sinndar were able to break against Tulyar and counter when given the option to do so. Tulyar were able to show glimpse of attacking prowess, however a well drilled defence from Sinndar negated any possible score for Tulyar. With this game finishing 6-0 to Sinndar, they were confirmed as winners in the Year 8 House Basketball.

In the other game, Octavius versus Nashwan, Octavius were able to score three points and so were able to finish the tournament with one win.

Year 11

The rain pounding down on the sports hall roof created a cacophony of noise on Friday afternoon, as the Year 11 House Basketball teams took to the court to conclude this year’s round of Basketball competition. The tournament offered a break from revision and was a fantastic way to round off another school week before the weekend. The tournament was split into three rounds of fixtures, giving each house the opportunity to play all other teams.

There is a real love of Basketball in Year 11 and this showed on the court as Nashwan began against Octavius winning 10-6, while Sinndar narrowly lost to Tuylar in a thrilling 8-7 contest.

What followed set the course for the remainder of the tournament with key clashes against Tuylar and Octavius while Nashwan took on Sinndar. Students sprinted up and down the court, working in unison, spreading the ball across the court in a manner that clearly displayed the experience of the players. Nashwan drew 6-6 with Sinndar, while Tuylar stomped on Octavius 12-0 to step up a final decider against Nashwan to lift the trophy.

Octavius struggled to get started in the tournament with two losses and a final draw against Sinndar in the final round to finish fourth. Sinndar’s narrow opening loss to Tuylar cost them dearly to place them 3rd after back to back draws. All eyes shifted to

Tuylar vs Nashwan for the grand decider which was coincidentally our final fixture. Players sprinted from end to end giving everything they had to tip the balance in favour of their house. Going into the final few moments, Nashwan grabbed the tie by the horns and threw a three pointer just before the final buzzer to take 1st place. All in all, a brilliant afternoon of competition played by all in an excellent spirit.

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