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House Debating Competition

Posted on: 23/01/2024

A new House event commenced this week at Lunchtime; House Debating, which will run over

school lunchtimes this half term.


The first motion was titled “The government should ban independent schools”. Joe and Sharangi

provided strong reasons why these types of schools should be banned and provided suggestions

for how the ban would benefit the education system overall. Both students then accepted

questions from the audience to confirm the points they had put forward.


Another motion was titled “The key turning point in British History was the American Revolution”.

Ben and Hugo provided convincing arguments as to why British history had changed following

the American revolution. The students then took questions from the audience to confirm and

answer any questions that they had.


This event was very well attended, I can’t wait for next week’s edition and to hear the excellent

arguments and counter arguments. Well done to all those that participated.

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