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STEM Car Club

Posted on: 10/01/2024

The STEM Car club continues to thrive. This academic year saw the largest intake of aspiring

racers and engineers join the team, which has brought a fresh energy to the club and an appetite

for improvement. To that end, last term saw the rebranding of the team logo and multiple driver

days. Through a democratic vote, Eddie Moffat’s thoughtfully designed logo, in keeping with

Blenheim’s colours was selected to represent the STEM Car Club and #TeamBlenheim. The logo

will adorn both cars at race days. Well done, Eddie!


Further, there have multiple driver days to allow all club members to experience driving the car in

true Top Gear fashion, on our own driving circuit, known to many as the tennis courts.

Finally, Looking ahead, the Club sets its sights on the Goodwood Race heat in April, a regular

fixture in the calendar. Last year the team won the Siemens Sustainability Award and this year we

aim to improve on this achievement.

Silver School Mental Health Award