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Blenheim Chronicles - New Year New You Edition

Posted on: 09/02/2024

Here at Blenheim Chronicles we are so excited to share what our incredible writers have created for

this New Year, New You Edition 2024.

For many people, the start of a new year marks an opportunity to reflect and think about the future.

While New Year resolutions may get a ‘bad rap’ for encouraging unrealistic goals or placing pressure

on us, they can also be a great starting point to prioritize your health and wellness on your own

terms. That may look like embracing totally attainable goals that don’t focus so much on an overhaul

of your current life, but more so make room for slowly adapting new routines and habits that will

make you feel great about yourself. From healthy recipes to interesting facts about life, this edition

provides a time of reflection for bettering oneself but also the world around us.

Blenheim Book Club students have remained committed to being part of a community driven by a love for reading.

We meet each week to bring you the best news from around the school.

We hope you enjoy!

The Blenheim Chronicles Team

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