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Stars of Tomorrow Dance Competition

Posted on: 19/02/2024

On Friday 16th and Saturday 17th February, our 3 Dance Competition Teams performed at the

Stars of Tomorrow Dance Competition at Claygate Town Hall. The competition is typically for local

dance schools and is not one we have entered before.

The KS3, KS4 and KS5 teams all performed excellently despite being on a much smaller stage

than we are used to. Skills of adaptability and spatial awareness were vital to ensure all

movements were executed effectively.

The standard of dance at this competition was very high and each of our Blenheim teams

competed in separate categories. That being said, I'm very pleased to announce the following


KS3 Team - 1st place with 85 marks.

KS4 Team - 1st place with 85 marks.

KS5 Team - 2nd place with 87 marks.

The adjudicator provided us with bespoke comments for each piece and stated how much she

liked the choreography of all our entries. I'm very proud of the results and how well the students

conducted themselves over the weekend. It was also wonderful to see other Blenheim students

competing for their other Dance schools.

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