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DJ Workshop for Year 7 & 8

Posted on: 18/03/2024

Over 100 students attended an array of DJ workshops on Tuesday, where many of them

experienced their first taste of DJing. They all kicked off each session by having a brief chat about

music, with the students describing what kind of music they are into, as well as naming a few of

the famous DJ’s that they had heard of. Following these brief chats, they then went through a

brief overview of the equipment, including the basic functions they would be using during the

session and the initial steps when starting to mix. They discussed some of the basic theory

behind mixing music: counting along with beats, bars and phrases and how the beat

subsequently creates the ‘pulse’ of the music, which people use to dance along to. All of the

students ensured that they watched and listened to all of the explanations and demonstrations

intently, gave great input where applicable and consequently grasped the fundamental concepts

and techniques very quickly. To conclude their sessions, students then came up in pairs, selected

some tracks and, with some minor assistance from the teacher, Alex, mixed them brilliantly for

beginners. Not only was it great to see them pick up all of skills so quickly, but more importantly it

was amazing to see them really getting into it and enjoying themselves. I look forward to adding

DJ lessons to the Music Department's peripatetic lesson provision in September.

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