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Year 7 & 8 Girls' Football vs The Ashcombe

Posted on: 20/03/2024

Year 7

Blenheim 4 v 1 Ashcombe

This week the Year 7 Girls’ Football team played against Ashcombe as part of the Surrey League

fixtures. The match started with Ashcombe dominating the ball and making some threatening runs

towards goal but these were thwarted by Blenheim’s defensive combination of Poppy, Kaitlyn and

Erin. Gradually, Blenheim’s attack became more confident with shots being fired at the Ashcombe

Goalkeeper. Just as the whistle was about to go, for half time, Kaitlyn swept up from her

defensive position and scored. Blenheim went into half time in the lead!

The second half began and within minutes, Imogen made the score 2-0 to Blenheim. Annie came

on for Layla and scored 2 excellent goals to take the score to 4-0. In the last minute of the game

Ashcombe were on the offensive and their striker was brought down just inside the box and

Ashcombe were awarded a penalty! The penalty was well placed in the bottom corner and even

Mary Earps would have struggled to keep that one out. 4-1 to Blenheim and a well deserved win

for the final game of the season. Well done Girls!

Olive | Kaitlyn | Poppy | Montana | Erin | Maisie | Layla | Annie | Imogen

Year 8

Blenheim 13 v 2 Ashcombe

This week the Year 8 Football team played against Ashcombe as part of the Surrey League

Fixtures. The match started with Blenheim dominating possession, finding the space in the wide

areas and getting some early shots on goal. It was Olivia who managed to score past the keeper

to give Blenheim the lead in the early few minutes of the game. After conceding Ashcombe

became more attacking, looking for the long ball over the top of defence which was managed

very well by Italia, Faye and Tallulah in defence. Blenheim soon became more confident, taking

more shots from a distance resulting in 2 more goals being scored. Ashcombe still looked

dangerous on the ball, trying to play through the middle and keep possession for a longer period.

After a slight loss of concentration from Blenheim, Ashcombe were able to find the space behind

and take the keeper on 1 v 1 which resulted in a goal being scored. The girls were still eager to

score more goals, with Caitlin constantly pressing the Ashcombe defence and the midfield

intercepting the passes. Blenheim's hard work and determination to win the ball back quickly

paid of as the girls managed to score a further 3 goals before half time. This made the score 6-1

going into half time.

After a quick team talk, the girls were ready to go again. Blenheim started off strong applying

pressure and finding the free space out wide for Erin and Abi to run into resulting in 2 more goals

being scored in the early minutes of the second half. Ashcombe still continued to attack, often

taking players on requiring the defence to make some crucial tackles to prevent any shots on

goal. As encouraged during half time, the girls then showed excellent composure to play the ball

into the midfield and keep possession. This then allowed the midfield to move the ball quickly

and counter attack resulting in another goal being scored. Both teams then began to looked tired

often losing the ball or clearing it out for a thrown in. This suited Ashcombe as they were able to

use their long throw to move the ball further up the pitch. After a few minutes, Ashcombe

managed to find the long ball over the defence scoring another their second goal of the match.

This then gave Blenheim the motivation to try score a few more goals. The girls showed great

skills to stay on the ball longer, taking their opponents on 1 v 1 to get shots off on goal.

Ashcombe were unable to regain control of the match, which lead to Blenheim scoring a further 4

more goal. This resulted in the match finishing with a 13-2 win for Blenheim.

Congratulations to both teams!

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