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Duke of Edinburgh's Award Bronze Expedition and Gold Award

Posted on: 04/05/2024

Gold Awards

Well done to Rosie, Connie and Daisy in Year 13 who collected their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards at Buckingham Palace!

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Bronze Expedition

Last Saturday 74 year 9 students made their way to Headley Heath for their first experience of the expedition section of their Duke of Edinburgh Award. They were met by 6 Adventure Expeditions instructors and 4 Blenheim staff; amounting to the largest expedition ever completed by Blenheim. The cohort were then split into their individual groups to embark on a full day of training, including map reading, first aid, packing a rucksack, putting up a tent and cooking on a trangia. Most students readily took the information on board and then left with their instructors to practice navigating a loop from the campsite and back which took a couple of hours. 

Once the students returned, they were tasked with cooking their evening meal. The choices varied from pasta to couscous and by all accounts tasted great. The carbohydrates then kicked in and students used the excess energy to play some football before the rain started and students headed to their tents. Although lights out was at 10pm, it was a sleepless night for most which resulted in some groggy faces, mainly the staff's, the following morning. 

Students packed up quickly in the morning after breakfast and the first group was off site by8:30am. All groups started out with their instructors and after proving their navigational skills,were remotely supervised for the 2nd half of their walk.All groups navigated accurately and as a result, arrived at the finish point early where they were debriefed by an instructor before heading home. 

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Silver School Mental Health Award