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House Music Competition

Posted on: 16/05/2024

On Thursday 16th May 12 students from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5 represented their Houses in House Music. The competition varied from soloist to groups as well as some singing as well. Next up was Sinndar who had Danny and Dylan providing a cover of ‘How soon is now’ by The Smiths. Both Danny and Dylan combined well together to replicate the track well and provided some excellent competition for Owen. 

Following Sinndar Nashwan provided a cover of 505 by the Arctic Monkeys with Hallie and Emily on vocals, Zeph on Piano, and Pelin on the Guitar. Nashwan did very well, performing this song, providing stiff competition for both Sinndar and Octavius who had already performed.

Finally, Tulyar performed with several individual entries that include a Pianist piece from Leon, James, and Max as well as two performances on Guitar by Joe and Marcus. 

After all the performances, the Judges retired to adjudicate. Points were awarded based on Technical Accuracy and Stage Presence. Whilst Tulyar were crowned winners no House could go home disappointed with the quality of performances being of the highest standard. 

Well, done to the following Students, Danny, Dylan, Zeph, Emily, Pelin, Hallie, Owen, Max, Marcus,Leon, James and Joe.

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