School Visits & Trips

School visits and Residential Visits are an important part of the overall development of any student at Blenheim. Trips are arranged to complement the curriculum and are an enjoyable experience for the students. 

To cover the cost of the trip a voluntary contribution will be requested which will cover all transport costs and activities. The charge may also include a contribution towards the cost of covering lessons for those staff who are supervising the activity.  No student will be denied participation on the visit on the grounds that no contribution has been made.  However, the school reserves the right to cancel any visit if sufficient funds cannot be raised.  Families who are in receipt of income support or family credit should write to the teacher in charge indicating their position as they may be able to have part of the cost of these activities met from the School Fund. 

We also have activities arranged in school from external providers to enhance the curriculum.  Examples of these are the Drama Workshops run by Splendid Productions who work with Year 11/12/13 to aid confidence and the Red Cross First Aid who worked with the Health and Social Care Department with Years 11, 12 and 13.  There are charges to attend these workshops.

All of our School Trips can be found on our School Calendar

Educational Visits Policy

Charging Policy

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