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The Blenheim Ambition Dance Academy launched in September 2022 and is a partnership between Blenheim High School and Ambition School of Dance offering Lyrical, Contemporary, Commercial and Acro classes for all year groups..

The Blenheim Ambition Dance Academy provides the highest quality Dance teaching for nearly 100 students resulting in excellent levels of student learning and performance.

Blenheim High School recognises the importance of Dance offering both GCSE and BTEC Dance pathways which facilitates students’ progression into the Performing Arts.

The Dance Academy delivers a blend of provision delivered by Dance specialists from Blenheim and Ambition School of Dance. IDTA qualified coaches provide medal testing and numerous performance opportunities at significantly reduced cost meaning high levels of accountability for all students.  Student benefits not only include improved Dance Skills and performance but also enhanced levels of self-esteem, wellbeing and mental health.

Academy Classes

Lyrical & Contemporary
A class specifically designed to enhance the core skills needed for students studying dance at GCSE and BTEC. The class includes ballet, jazz and contemporary elements using music to inspire movement.

A class delivering the techniques needed to perform at an advanced level incorporating such skills as splits, bridges, cartwheels and handstands.

This class incorporates all genres including jazz, ballet, hip hop and street dance. A modern, all-round style for any dancer.

All classes take place in the Dance Studio and run for 10 weeks per school term. They are split into KS3 (years 7, 8 and 9) and KS4/5 (years 10, 12 & 13). The Blenheim Dance Team classes are audition only.

Dance Club Timetable 2023-2024

Joining the Dance Academy

All Blenheim students are able to join the Dance Academy by enroling on ParentPay. A one-off joining fee of £10 provides students with a bespoke Academy t-shirt which is to be worn to all Academy classes.

In addition to the weekly classes Dance Academy students benefit from;

  • Entrance into Medal Testing Examinations
  • Community Performance Opportunities
  • Participation in the annual Blenheim Dance Show
  • Participation in the biannual Ambition School of Dance show at the Epsom Playhouse
  • Access to school holiday dance and Musical Theatre workshops including a 15% discount
  • The full timetable of Ambition classes at a 15% discount

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