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Launched Easter 2023, the Blenheim Golf Academy provides coaching for students of all abilities using state of the art equipment. 

Blenheim High School values the benefits of sporting activity on both physical and mental health. Golf is one of the fastest growing sports for young people and the nature of the sport appeals to those who may not choose to participate in more conventional sports. 

Blenheim received substantial funding to launch the Blenheim Golf Academy. The equipment purchased includes both lightweight and normal golf clubs and golf balls, Skytrak launch monitor and simulator equipment, driving and chipping nets, putting mats and associated software compatible with iPads. 

The Blenheim Golf Academy is delivered by Blenheim’s Physical Education team along with the Head PGA Coach from Surbiton Golf Club, Peter Roberts.  


  • Golf is taught in the curriculum to students in all year groups using specialised Golfway equipment enabling all students to experience the sport on the school site.
  • Curriculum teaching is complemented by a co-curricular club offering golf coaching during the Summer term.
  • A unique mental toughness programme, ‘Unleash your Drive’, is delivered to specific students throughout the year.

Academy Classes


A class specifically designed for those with little or no experience of golf. Using Golfway equipment students are introduced to golf through fun activities and games devised by the Golf Foundation, specifically to inspire young people and engage them with the sport. Driving, chipping and putting will be introduced as well as the key mental toughness skills that will help improve students’ resilience both on and off the course.

All equipment is provided.


A class designed for those with some experience of golf delivered by Peter Roberts, Head PGA Coach at Surbiton Golf Club. Using state of the art equipment such as SkyTrak Launch Monitors and simulators, chipping and driving nets, Putt Out mats and student iPads, students follow a mixed skills programme to develop and refine their game. Using SkyTrak launch monitors and associated software, students have the opportunity to understand key swing statistics and develop their skills accordingly. Students have the opportunity to hone their skills at Surbiton Golf Club and represent Blenheim in competitions.

Students may bring their own golf clubs to school or clubs can be borrowed.

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Joining the Academy

Intermediate Golf Academy classes run throughout the year with beginner classes taking place during the Summer term. All Blenheim students are able to take part in the Golf Academy clubs and students interested in joining should email Mr Millard to reserve a space and discuss which programme is the most suitable.

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