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Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

Posted on: 05/07/2022

The longest and final expedition of the season took place in the first week of July. We left Blenheim at 06:30 on Friday morning to drive down to Wales and arrived late morning to glorious sunshine and an even better campsite. Students went through their kit with their assessors and walked a few hours as a bit of a warm up for the rest of the week.

Saturday morning dawned and the students left in good time to walk to their next campsite, a pattern that continued for the duration of the 5 days.

Some stand out moments on this expedition include students having to negotiate the treacherously, down 'Fan y Big' in less than ideal conditions followed by a hike up all 886m to the peak of 'Pen y Fan'.

When at camp, students participated in some pretty competitive card games and a heated game of ‘heads up’.

Overall, this expedition was a fantastic end to a long Duke of Edinburgh season; thanks to the Sixth Form students' attitude and spirit. We wish our departing three year 13 students every success and hope to meet them at Buckingham Palace when they receive their Awards.

We look forward to Year 12 students following in their footsteps!

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Silver School Mental Health Award