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We are seeking an experienced Chair of Trustees

Posted on: 06/10/2022

Blenheim High School is a Single Academy Trust that is currently seeking an experienced Chair for our Board.

We are looking for someone with experience as a Chair of Governors / Trustees to lead our Board in these challenging times.

  • Have you had experience on other boards?
  • Have you chaired other boards / committees?
  • Is your passion for education driving you to support a local school and shape the lives of the next generation?
  • As leader of our team, can you engage all Trustees in effectively challenging and supporting the school’s management?
  • Can you appropriately retain your sense of humour in challenging times?

Please email our Clerk, Rosemary Viggiani at to arrange a meeting with te Chair of Trustees.

Please note that this is an unpaid position.

About Blenheim High School

Blenheim High School is a co-educational academy in Surrey with state of the art facilities. The school was categorised as a ‘Good School’ by Ofsted in May 2019 after being recognised as Surrey’s most improved school by the Department for Education in October 2018.

Our ethos evolves around a growth mind-set where all members of our community are actively encouraged to develop the characteristics of hard work, resilience, innovation and improvement.

This also informs the ten Blenheim behaviours which are accessible to all students regardless of background, circumstance or ability.

As a community we strive to ensure that Blenheim students are afforded every opportunity to reach their potential academically. Outside of the classroom, a range of sporting, musical, artistic, dramatic, STEM and other extra-curricular activities ensure that students continue to benefit from rich experiences that help them to develop holistically.

We set high standards with strict expectations regarding behaviour both in and out of the classroom. Ofsted described Blenheim as ‘calm, orderly and purposeful’ and our students as ‘respectful, kind and courteous’ which is a testament to the whole Blenheim community.

Looking to the future 

Our Vision is to be recognised by all as an outstanding school at the heart of the community; a place where great leaders and inspirational people work together and with other schools to provide the broadest and most inclusive school experience, ensuring that all Blenheim students achieve their full potential.

This not only requires extraordinary teachers but exceptional leaders and support staff too. They in turn deserve an outstanding Governing Board and we are seeking an exceptional individual to Chair our Board.

The challenges facing all schools over the next few years cannot be under estimated. Blenheim has been on an exceptional journey back from a “requires improvement” Ofsted judgement. We are now a thriving, over-subscribed school on our journey towards outstanding with great results and within sight of a balanced budget – energy crisis notwithstanding!

We are exploring collaborative ways forward with like-minded schools as we seek a way towards the governments MAT agenda, allowing us to further grow and develop whilst sharing our own expertise.

Can you lead the Board on the next stage of our journey?


Silver School Mental Health Award